Unlock Ancient Mythology with the Blocktrade Crypto Greek Gods Collection

• Blocktrade is a cryptocurrency trading platform that incorporates levels, collectibles, leaderboards and challenges into crypto trading.
• It offers a fully gamified universe powered by the BTEX token, with rewards such as trading bonuses and discount fees for users who participate in activities.
• Blocktrade recently launched a Crypto Greek Gods collection featuring 50 unique avatars representing Greek Gods, designed by an NFT artist.

Blocktrade: Gamifying Crypto Trading

Blocktrade is changing the game of crypto trading through its gamified universe – a cryptocurrency trading platform that incorporates levels, collectibles, leaderboards and challenges into crypto trading. Making financial knowledge more accessible is a cornerstone of Web3, and Blocktrade is transforming how people engage with and learn about digital assets. The gamification of crypto fills the education gap by applying game design elements to non-gaming contexts, such as trading cryptocurrencies. By making trading exciting this platform is onboarding the next generation of crypto investors who want an easy and simple way to create wealth.

Powered by BTEX Token

Powered by the BTEX token, Blocktrade offers a fully gamified universe. As users participate in specific activities and progress through levels on Blocktrade’s platform, they earn BTEX tokens and XP points along the way which unlocks a wide array of benefits and rewards such as trading bonuses and discount fees. Minigames on the platform have already racked up more than 90,000 plays in the first four weeks since beta launch emphasizing the appetite in the trading community for this new form of engagement.

NFT Popularity

The wave of NFT popularity that reached new highs in the last years is still only beginning of investment into digital worlds and personas. Now with crypto investments, digital collectables and unique personalizable avatars all available on one single platform: Blocktrade. As part of this gamified crypto universe; Blocktrade has just launched their Crypto Greek Gods collection introducing 50 unique avatars representing Greek Gods for users to immerse themselves in a world where mythological creatures come to life.

Greek Goddesses & Gods Collection

The collection features five female goddesses: Aphrodite, Artemis Athena Hera & Nemesis plus five male gods Apollo Ares Hades Poseidon & Zeus These limited edition digital collectible avatars meticulously designed by talented NFT artist serve as symbol accomplishment within rewards program.


By intertwining gaming & crypto through Greek mythology; Blocktrade has created something truly unique which every generation will find fun & interesting – A whole new world where virtual investments come alive!