Don’t Fall Prey To Crypto Scams! AG Nessel Reveals How To Avoid Fraud

• Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is warning citizens about how to avoid cryptocurrency scams.
• Older adults are often targeted as they may be unfamiliar with new technology and applications.
• People should be wary of unsolicited requests from strangers, particularly those involving bank withdrawals or deposits at cryptocurrency kiosks or bitcoin ATMs.

Michigan AG Warns Against Crypto Fraud

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has warned citizens about the potential dangers of falling victim to crypto-related fraud. She noted that older adults in particular can be vulnerable as they may lack familiarity with new technology and applications.

How To Avoid Crypto Scams

Nessel urged people not to withdraw cash at branches they use regularly, or to lie to branch tellers or other bank employees when asked the purpose of a withdrawal. She also warned against responding to phone calls offering instructions on how to withdraw money from an ATM, and cautioned people not to send money through social media platforms if requested by someone they don’t know.

Exploiting The Exchanges

Detective First Lt. James Ellis, commander of the Michigan State Police Cyber Section, noted that online exchanges are increasingly being exploited by criminals who can easily steal crypto funds from unsuspecting users’ accounts – much easier than a traditional bank robbery. He stressed the importance of remaining vigilant against potential crypto scams.

Legitimate Investment Opportunities

Nessel reminded people that legitimate crypto investment opportunities will never come from people you know nor via social media pages, so any requests for such transactions should always be disregarded and reported immediately.

Stay Alert & Informed

In conclusion, Nessel emphasized the importance of staying alert and informed about potential crypto scams in order to protect oneself from falling victim to bad actors who seek out vulnerable people in Michigan and beyond.

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