Curing Crypto Addiction: Upscale Rehab Facilities Now Open

• Mike is a crypto investor who has become addicted to cryptocurrency trading.
• He checked into an upscale recovery center called The Balance on Majorca to get treatment for his addiction.
• Addiction specialists question if crypto addiction is real and if these luxury rehab centers are helpful for treating it.

Crypto Investor’s Addiction

Mike once invested as much as $240,000 per week in cryptocurrency exchanges. He had sporadic sleep and would get up early to check the stock market and the value of his wealth. Before long-haul flights, he remarked, „I’d start to sweat because I wouldn’t be able to use the internet.“ Mike works for a business that handles transactions involving central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Treating Crypto Addiction

He wished to stay anonymous because he was concerned that his remarks may cause investors to react negatively. He did not want to use his true name. He claims that towards the middle of 2022, he entered a „downward spiral,“ at which point he made the decision to get help. The answer was a four-week stay at The Balance, a sizable rehabilitation facility on the Spanish island of Majorca that employs dozens of people. Mike had his own butler and cook and resided in a secluded villa. The cost of his treatment, which included counselling as well as massages, yoga, and bike rides, was almost $74,000 in all.

The Balance Rehab Facility

The Balance, which was established in Zurich and has locations in London and Majorca, touts itself as a „safe zone facilitating health and fulfillment.“ The landing page features images of a seaside property, a spa, and raving reviews from previous customers. The center provides a list of therapy options for eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder

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