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Laboratory Automation is more than hardware... it encompasses both systems and people, and the ability for both to work effectively.

Just as in chess, where looking ahead and making smart moves at the start can bring success, effective planning for the use of lab technologies is essential.

technology planning

Review Services & Technology Planning

Better Systems Lead to Better Science, Better Science Leads to Successful Programs... If you want to be successful in playing chess, plan ahead.. the same is true of the use of technology in laboratory work. Effective planning is the key to successful implementations.

Our purpose in offering these services is to help labs take an unbiased view of their operations, determine goals, and then work out a migration plan to get there. This work is appropriate for both new and existing facilities - the lab you have today is going to change, and those changes should be made according to a plan to get the most out of your investment in both people and equipment.


Readiness for Automation Review

The effective and successful use of automation and information technologies in laboratory work depends on the preparations made for planning and implementation. This is the necessary first step in defining product & technology needs. The purpose of the "Readiness for Automation Review " is to help you determine:

  • Short-term and long-term goals,
  • The current state of lab automation,
  • Operational models of the current lab and the target system,
  • How do you get from the current state to where you want to be,
  • Are lab personnel ready to work in an automated lab?
  • Training needs for lab personnel,
  • What technologies might be useful?
  • Business case - what are the benefits of the new plan, how do you justify it?

The end result will be a program plan that outlines how to achieve your automation objectives and provide a basis for product evaluation and selection.

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Working with Lab and IT Professionals to Develop Effective Support Programs

Modern laboratory work is dependant on computing and information technology tools. Their successful implementation depends on cooperation between lab management and staff, and the IT support groups.

The labs need products that fit their needs, and the IT groups have to be able to support them. Lab computing has unique requirements not found elsewhere: real-time data acquisition, robotics, database systems, and regulatory requirements are just a few. Some of these are new to traditional IT support functions.

Our role is to help develop support programs that meet the requirements of both lab and IT support.

If you are interested in learning more... please contact us:
tel: 978-732-5122


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